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How to Give


Your donaton will support advancing the common good in Columbia, Hamilton, Lafayette and Suwannee Counties, Florida.

To support another United Way, please visit www.unitedway.org.

Other Ways to give

Payroll Deduction

Convenient Schedule of Payments

Bank Transfers

Visa, MasterCard, American Express

Join our Challengers' Club - Leadership Giving begins at $500 / year.

The Business Community

As a business owner, when you participate in the payrolldeduction plan, your company insures a steady flow of supportto services that would be prohibitively expensive if they weretax supported.

Payroll Deductions

Giving is a matter of personal ability and desire andrepresents your concern for your community. Giving through a payrolldeduction plan is the easiest, most efficient way to support servicesto seniors, education, children, family, health, emergency servicesand services to help victims of domestic violence. The guidelineis 1% of your yearly salary or one hour's pay per month.

Professionals and Leaders

As a professional, when you give by the Guideline, youare also giving Leadership. Your good example has a great dealof influence on people who work for and with you. Let them knowyou are giving by the Guidelines. By encouraging them to do thesame, your Guideline Gift literally multiplies - and your participationin payroll deduction allows your employees an economical way to participate.