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To advance the common good through community impact initiatives and agency support.


The United Way is an organization that collects money and then distributes funds through an Allocation Committee to approved agencies who offer assistance to people in need or to an agency of a Donor's choice.

The United Way- It touches Everyone

We're called the United Way because we all benefit from everyone's help. When you help raise the largest possible amount of money at the lowest possible costs, you've helped one more child or senior or one more victim of domestic violence. When you support the United Way, you can rest assured that your contribution is going exactly where it is most needed.

Less than 8% is used for administrative cost

The United Way is an organization made of mostly of volunteers who work to support a broad range of health and human services. These services fall under four community impact areas: Ensuring our Children's Futures; Furnishing Food, Shelter and Safety; Strengthening Our Families; and Promoting Independence and Wellness. Funds raised are allocated through a systematic review process conducted by a committee of community citizens who review the operations of each United Way affiliated agency to be assured of their efficient and economical administration. However, the United Way does much more than raises money.

Through its Planning Committee volunteers plan for future community needs. Efforts are currently directed at four projects: local implementation of the national 2-1-1 information and referral system; support of the homeless coalition both to coordinate the services of existing homeless assistance providers and to position the community for receipt of homeless assistance funding; development of a disaster plan and establishment of a food bank to reduce costs to those agencies which are assisting community families with their food needs.

The United Way additionally helps people receive needed services through information and referral assistance. Through the coordination of the United Way office with its affiliated agencies, other community resources and agencies located in other United Way service areas, United Way of Suwannee Valley assists hundreds of individuals and families in obtaining needed assistance.

In addition to conducting the annual fundraising campaign to support the United Way affiliated agencies, United Way of Suwannee Valley serves as the fiscal agent for the Florida State Employees Charitable Campaign. This campaigns enable state employees, to contribute by payroll deduction to support their local United Way, the affiliated agencies and many other agencies that meet the eligibility requirements of the state employee fundraising campaigns.

A local volunteer board of directors governs each local United Way. United Way of Suwannee Valley is a member of United Way of America. Dues, which are less than 1%, enable the local United Way to access technical assistance, supplies and training opportunities. Funds raised in the United Way of Suwannee Valley service area - Columbia, Hamilton and Suwannee counties - stay in our community to meet the needs of friends, family members, employees and customers.